Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Me in a Coma!

When I go back in my memories,
I remember my souvenirs,
One of which had been that coma day,
That never ended or went away.
It had been so much like hell on earth,
At least for me: The Coma Patient,
With all the long tubes that touched my face,
And all the machines that filled the place.
I refused to be in such a state.
I couldn’t see it, yet I felt it.
Everything seemed so strange, weird, and odd.
I felt so lonely and left behind.
I could sense people being around.
But this was so not enough for me,
Because I wanted them to know that:
I was awake but with my eyes closed.
I wanted them to know I was there;
And not some piece of wood lying dead.
I felt like I were in Jupiter,
Where no one could see me or hear me.
But what moved me were my mother’s tears.
I wished I could scream out loud and say:
Hey people, I swear I am okay!
But this long nap never seems to end!
What can I do to stop your sorrow?!
Then, everyone was told to go home.
At that moment, I was terrified.
So, I finally woke up and smiled,
For my beloved ones were all with me.
They all stood shocked of what they had seen.
They looked like statues that were happy.
(This was the very last of my pranks:
A good actress in a coma state)